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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Exams, exams and REVISION :-D

Afraid that this part of the year is when we are filling our heads with info until they mince up into putty, and generally try to learn something for the next day/hour/minute.

Yup, its GCSE time (for those not in the UK, its our final school exams, and they're quite important!).

Anyway, here's some revision tips for those of you who aren't interested (most of my readers I assume...):
  • Take freqent breaks (not bickies, breaks from learning)
  • Close your book after reading a page and remember as much as you can (you know, like those TV competitions)
  • Listen to your music if you feel like it (maybe not death metal...)
  • Don't let your friends push you into not revising, and playing games instead (ahem.)
  • Enjoy yourself (yeah?)

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